When ******Tuesday***** April 14th, 2015
Where At Unum in Conference Room 151 our normal meeting location.
Time 5:45 - Food & Conversation
6:00 - Meeting & Presentation Starts

Topic:  Useful, Usable & Desirable: Designing for People

Speaker: Jessica Ivins            

"It needs to be easy to use." We've heard this many times from stakeholders, clients, and colleagues. What exactly makes a website—or any product or service—easy to use?


What matters most is context. For whom are you designing? What are this person's goals, motivations, and pain points? What is he or she trying to accomplish? Good design solves real problems; it doesn't just decorate. How can you design to solve real problems for real people?

In this session, we’ll review examples of websites and products that solve problems for people. There are many tools and disciplines within user experience, from content strategy to information architecture to user research. By understanding these tools and when to use them, and by understanding the context of each design problem we are faced with, we can create user experiences that are useful, usable, and desirable. 

Speaker Bio

Jessica is a User Experience (UX) designer and educator who volunteers much of her time to the UX community. She’s a faculty member at Center Centre, the UX design school in Chattanooga, TN, that prepares students to be industry-ready junior UX designers.

Jessica has spoken internationally at conferences like SXSW, Midwest UX, IA Summit, UX Camp Ottawa, and UX Cambridge (UK). She taught classes for Girl Develop It Philadelphia,  led UX Book Club Philadelphia, and served on the board of PhillyCHI, Philadelphia’s UX community. Prior to joining Center Centre, she was a senior experience designer at Happy Cog and lead UX designer at AWeber. 


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